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Sleepagtochi Breakdown: Renaissance House

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Renaissance is an era of awakening, innovation, scientific achievements, prosperity, beauty and art. This is exactly how we want to see the new year 2024. In this segment of Sleepagotchi Breakdown, we will deep dive into the Renaissance house. The Renaissance House is Sleepagotchi's first new house of the year, so we stuck to the idea that "As you name the boat, so shall it float"✨

Each of the five rooms in the house contains many interesting references to the great minds of the Renaissance and beyond, which our 3D artists can discuss below:

👩‍🎨Polina, 3D Artist: “If you look closer, there are drawings of Nicolaus Copernicus on the table in the astronomer’s room, who developed a theory of planetary motion around the sun based on the Pythagorean principle of uniform circular motion. I think it's cool to imagine that he once lived in this room.”

👩‍🎨Maria, 3D Artist: “In the two rooms I created, I made references to Leonardo da Vinci. The bed in the scientist's room is inspired by the drawings of the wheel boats he invented, and in the artist's room, the easel is a Dinoconda, which is a reference to La Gioconda or the Mona Lisa.”

👩‍🎨Maria, 3D Artist: “Also in the artist's room there is another painting "The Birth of Dino," I like it the most😊”

🧑‍🎨Orko, 3D Artist: “An unexpected twist, but I'll tell you a secret, the prototype of the liquid flowing through the pipes in the alchemist's room is radiation from “The Simpsons”. I also took inspiration for the alchemical signs from the anime “Fullmetal Alchemist”⚛️

🌟In summary, the Renaissance House signified a new era of Sleepagotchi as we entered the new year but it also awakened our creativity. With the Renaissance house, we experimented with new ideas to capture the magic of this era. Moving forward, we will continue to push our artistic boundaries and create more houses that can capture the imagination of our users.

Each house in Sleepagotchi starts as an idea and turns into what you see today in the app. With each blog post, we hope that we can provide more insight into the artistic process behind creating each house. Stay tuned for more details on current and future houses in the app and how it was created!💫

-The Sleepagotchi Team


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