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Sleepagotchi comes pre-installed on almost 400K Jambo mobile phones

Sleepagotchi | Game for Your Sleep 😴

Mornings were never fun. Until now. Sleepagotchi 2.0 available in the iOS app store and Google Play Store now. Join our community via

Sleepagotchi is a mobile adventure game that incentivizes people to improve their sleep. Think of it as Duolingo for Sleep or Pokemon Sleep but without the Pokemon. JamboPhone is a user-friendly Web3 smartphone priced at $99, designed to be a gateway to a digital economy. Sleepagotchi is a partner of Jambo and comes pre-installed on every new device.

We met Jambo’s team in September last year and immediately hit off with them. Back then, the team hadn’t done any phone shipments yet, but it quickly became apparent that the product was going to be a winner. Our team especially liked the vision and wanted to get behind it too.

Jambo’s goal is to provide people in developing countries in Asia, Latin America, and Africa access to financial and gaming projects. Many Web3 benefits are stronger felt in developing countries, and a phone with Web3 capabilities for just $99 makes complete sense. Other “Web3 phones” often come in the $499+ price range, unaffordable for a demographic that would arguably benefit from their capabilities more.

The phone is at the center of daily life in the 21st century. This is especially the case for EM users for JamboPhones as they can access daily life products like payments, earn quests, and more. The partnership between Sleepagotchi and Jambo is a natural fit as Sleepagotchi looks after the user's real-life sleeping habits, adding new ways to use the JamboPhone for users in addition to financial and social interaction

Jambo also effectively democratizes access to high-quality games, as the phone is one of the most powerful on the market for its price range. Sleepagotchi has a lot of 3D art that requires some GPU power from the phone—and it works well on Jambo. 

For a mobile game like Sleepagotchi, Jambo offers a unique distribution advantage. One thing is to build a compelling game, another is to reach the player. Most games today are marketed via the same channels (Meta, Google, AdMob), and the ads go to the established companies that can spend the most money. That’s why we barely see any new games hitting the top charts, and you always see the ads for the same games. But because Sleepagotchi comes pre-installed on Jambo phones, we get to show our game to half of a million players without spending a fortune. As of May 16, Jambo has almost 400K pre-orders, hence almost 400K Sleepagotchi installations - and we know the team will not stop until they get to millions of phones shipped.

The users who buy the Jambo are also loyal customers. We see 50% higher retention numbers for Jambo users compared to non-Jambo users. This difference persists across all countries. Jambo has sold devices in 122 countries, and we see it in our data now, too.

If you are a Sleepagotchi user, I would encourage you to check out their phone and other apps. And if you are a Jambo user, make sure to try out Sleepagotchi— it should be on the home screen! And if you are building a Web3 app, there are few better partners than them.


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