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Sleepagotchi: New onboarding flow

Sleepagotchi | Game for Your Sleep 😴

Mornings were never fun. Until now. Sleepagotchi 2.0 available in the iOS app store and Google Play Store now. Join our community via

With the latest Sleepagotchi update iOS v2.6 and Android v2.4, we placed a huge emphasis on improving the first time user experience starting with onboarding. You can check out the key highlights in the graphic below:

With this update, our focus was on new Sleepagotchi users. Whether you downloaded the app to improve your sleep, to play the game, or to play around with Dino, it is important for you to fully understand the app. So in the post below, we will detail the onboarding process and how to set up Sleepagotchi when you first download the app. Dino will show you the way!

Dino, your little helper

Sleepagotchi is a game to help you improve your sleep, and the first step is to set up the sleep schedule that you want to follow. By creating a consistent sleep schedule, we hope that you can be more conscious of what time you go to sleep and what time you wake up.

Set your bedtime and wake up time

Sleepagotchi records your sleep through native apps on your phone, Apple Health for iOS devices, and Health Connect for Android devices. These apps record your sleep using sound and screen time.

Connect Sleepagotchi to Apple Health or Health Connect to record your sleep

Connect Sleepagotchi to Apple Health or Health Connect to record your sleep

For even more accurate sleep tracking, you can use a wearable device such as an Apple Watch, Garmin, Fitbit etc. You will be asked during the initial onboarding process if you use a wearable device to record your sleep. Follow the onscreen prompts to sync your wearable device sleep data to Sleepagotchi.

How do you want to record your sleep?

That’s it! After these simple steps, you can begin to explore the magical world of Sleepagotchi all while tracking your sleep. Set new sleep goals for yourself, and begin practicing healthy sleeping habits today. If you have any trouble with the initial set up in Sleepagotchi please reach out to us at or create a support ticket in our discord.

Happy Sleeping!

— Sleepagotchi Team


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