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Sleepagotchi BTS: Polina, 3D Artist

Updated: Jan 9

Sleepagotchi | Game for Your Sleep 😴

Mornings were never fun. Until now. Sleepagotchi 2.0 available in the iOS app store and Google Play store now. Join our community via

Explore the inner workings of Sleepagotchi with our exclusive series, Sleepagotchi BTS. Gain insights into the diverse roles of each team member, uncovering their professional contributions and personal interests. Connect with the vibrant and passionate individuals that drive Sleepagotchi's success.


Hello everyone I’m Polina! I work as a 3D artist for Sleepagotchi, so I am sure that you have seen some of my work in the app. Back in high school and university, I was knee-deep in computer games. The endless hours of gaming got me to think “Man, the gameplay is as predictable as my morning coffee, but the art - that’s a whole different level of awesome!” So Curiosity led me down the rabbit hole of 3D artistry, and before I knew it, I was creating my own virtual masterpieces. I wanted to use this opportunity to provide some answers to questions I have received:

What's your favorite "easter egg" in your artwork that might be unnoticeable to many, yet interesting or funny to you?

Oh, there's a sneaky gem on one of the glowing TVs in the agent's room – a graph detailing my friend's sleep patterns 😁

If you could live in one of the rooms you created, what room would it be?

I'd set up camp in one of the Japanese rooms. The sushi room would be my kitchen (imagine the daily sushi feasts🤯), and the El dorado bath would be my personal spa. Who needs reality when you can have a 24/7 dream escape?

Japanese Room
Japanese Room
El Dorado bath room

What is your inspiration for creating the rooms and houses in Sleepagotchi?

I'm like a cultural sponge – soaking up inspiration from games, movies, and, believe it or not, TikTok. It's a melting pot of creativity! And of course, like any artist worth their pixels, I spend quality time on ArtStation and Pinterest.

How often do you use the Sleepagotchi app yourself, does it help you with sleep, what's your bedtime routine?

The app is my trusty bedtime buddy. It helps me stick to a routine, but let's be real – sometimes I rebel and stay up late. My longest streak was 200+ days, but lately, I'm on a more mortal streak of 17 days😅

Lastly, are there any house concepts you dream of creating for Sleepagotchi?

We've tried so many different themes already, I don't even know. I think something fantastic. I like to take something from real life but add some unrealistic or absurd elements. Like what a Renaissance house would look like if Leonardo da Vinci's drawings weren't just on paper👀

With that said, I am really happy with all the progress Sleepagotchi and the entire team has made in the last year. We are continuously improving the app, and I am looking forward to the future. Thank you to everyone who has supported us, it definitely motivates me to work harder to put out artwork that you will all love.

— Polina & the team


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