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Sleepagotchi: 2023 Recap

Updated: Feb 5

Sleepagotchi | Game for Your Sleep 😴

Mornings were never fun. Until now. Sleepagotchi 2.0 available in the iOS app store and Google Play store. Join our community via

Hello Sleepagotchi friends!

As we have wrapped up 2023, it's important for us to take a step back and reflect on what an incredible year that was. We want to first start by thanking our incredible community, your support is what drives us to continue improving the app and the feedback you have provided is invaluable.

A lot of stuff happened in 2023:

  • Development 💻: Over 45 releases and 1200 tasks and bugs resolved

  • Health🏥: 60.2% of our users reported improved sleep using Sleepagotchi

  • Community🤝: Official meet ups held in Japan and Taiwan, with many more to come!

  • Team💤: Grew from 4 team members to over 32 passionate individuals


As you know, we made a major transition from the initial version of Sleepagotchi to Sleepagotchi 2.0. This was not an easy task, but it was necessary for us to create a fun and sustainable game. Sleepagotchi 2.0 included an overhaul of previous gameplay and art, which allowed us to showcase our artistic talent.

With over 45 releases and over 1200 development tasks completed, our team had their hands full! With iOS and Android synced up on the same version of Sleepagotchi, we will now be able to fully focus on adding new features into the app. Take a look below at how far we have come in the development of Sleepagotchi:


From the start, we have highlighted that our number 1 priority is to improve the sleep for users across the world. We are happy to share that we are trending in the right direction. In our user survey conducted in June, over 60% of our users reported that their sleep has improved since using Sleepagotchi. This is validation for us that gamifying sleep is possible, and we look forward to finding new ways to motivate our users to improve their sleeping habits.


From a community of 10 alpha testers, we have quickly grown to 30k+ Sleepagotchi frens. This year we were fortunate enough to travel to Tokyo, Osaka, and Taiwan to host official meet ups for our community members. Hearing user experiences in person has really motivated us, and it has been a driving force in several key features in the app.

Thank you to everyone who joined us at our official meet ups, we hope to host many more in 2024!


We also wanted to share that Sleepagotchi has quickly grown from a humble team of 4 to a team of more than 30+ talented individuals. What we have achieved so far would not have been possible without this team, and we are looking forward to showcasing what we are capable of in 2024.

We have big plans in 2024! This year will be filled with major road map milestones that will propel us to greater heights. We are excited to introduce new features we have in store, as well as new gameplay that will make Sleepagotchi a true game for your sleep. Let’s continue to improve our sleep together! In the meantime, enjoy some sneak peeks of what we are working on.

-Sleepagotchi Team


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